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Chapter 189 Did We Do It Last Night?

  • I should quit drinking, as all it ever does is put me into a compromising situation. That totally sucks. After spending some time just sitting on the bed, she got off it deftly to check on her body in a mirror in the bathroom, and much to her delight, she noticed there were less marks on her body this time. She then saw the cold water in the tub from last night, so she drained it while wearing a frown before filling it up with water again.
  • While the tub was filling up, she retrieved her phone from the nightstand to give John a call, which connected after a moment. His voice came through as being calm while he asked, “Are you up?”
  • “You’re the one I had sex with last night, am I right?” She drew a deep breath before questioning him in a tone which he could hardly decipher, and he wondered if she was disappointed.
  • “Who else then?” His reply was brusque.
  • “Alright, got it.” The call was hung up after she nodded. She then went into the bathroom after mulling over the situation. As she lay in the tub, she went on trying her hardest to recall what happened last night, but her memory failed her, as she couldn’t recall anything aside from a few details when she was having sex.
  • A soft wail escaped her while she covered her face, as the fact that she had sex with John again weighed on her heavily. It didn’t make sense as she wanted to wipe the slate clean between them. After spending a long while soaking in the tub, she had a change of clothes before taking the soiled bed sheets off to be washed, all the while averting her gaze from the sheet.
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