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Chapter 185 I Used to Be So Conceited

  • Sophia had a hearty laugh upon listening to what Ian said, all the while seeming unperturbed by it. She even said, “No wonder she was looking at me in such an awkward manner. You shouldn’t be using me as an excuse to turn people down, as you’re only making more enemies for me!”
  • A smile bloomed on his face as he argued, “I have no other choice, as you’re my only friend, so I couldn’t possibly shift the blame to anybody else.”
  • The chair that Ian sat on was moved away from the stage to make space for a rock singer, who brought the atmosphere to a high. While pouring some beer for him, Sophia asked, “Can you drink now?”
  • “I drove here.” Such was his reply as he shook his head.
  • “I’ll drink on my own, then.” Sophia clicked her tongue as she took the glass from him, then downed the contents in it before asking Ian if he would be living at the Morgan Residence from then on.
  • “The residence is huge, with a lot of spare rooms, so I don’t really have a reason to not move back in.” He gave her a nod while recalling that Old Mr. Morgan had had the maids clean his room, which probably meant he would like Ian to stay with them.
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