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Chapter 182 For His Sake

  • “Mom, Dad, what brings you?” Their visit was a surprise to John.
  • “Your dad told me you took a day off because you’re feeling unwell, so I came to visit you as I worry about you.” Mrs. Constance looked at him. The doorbell also alerted Sophia of the arrival of guests, but she retreated into the kitchen as soon as she saw the couple.
  • The house reminded Mrs. Constance of things that had gone awry, and a glance at Sophia’s direction triggered feelings of discomfort. While standing by the door, Mrs. Constance was reminded of when Sophia humiliated her in front of the maids, which she held a grudge against.
  • Mrs. Constance scanned her surroundings after sitting down on the sofa alongside William. The decor on the first floor was not to John’s taste at all, so she asked him in a low voice, “Is this the house you gave her after your divorce?”
  • Upon seeing him give a nod, she harrumphed as she thought, Sophia’s money situation sure took off after divorcing him! She made such a huge profit out of it! Even legal businesses wouldn’t make so much profit!
  • William looked at John as he spoke. “Is the scandal the cause of your illness?”
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