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Chapter 1817 The Fight

  • Ian answered everything that Yulia asked in a serious manner but nothing more. As he answered the phone call in front of Cindy the entire time, Cindy didn't feel too uncomfortable with it. After Yulia had asked almost everything that could be asked, she then responded, “If you have the time, bring your mother here. We haven't finished talking about things last time and there are still some things I want to tell you later.”
  • The last time they talked was about business, so this meeting should be about business too. Hence, Ian agreed. Since Cindy knew that they were going to discuss resources, she naturally couldn't stop them. After waiting for him to hang up the call, she pursed her lips, her expression a little unhappy.
  • When he saw it, he raised his hand to pinch her cheeks. “Why do you have this expression? What's wrong?”
  • Cindy huffed. “She's still calling your number. It’s so annoying.”
  • Ian knew that Cindy was jealous and the two had bickered over Yulia before too. So, he smiled and took Cindy into his arms. “You heard everything I told her and you also heard what she told me too. There is no problem, right? We are just talking about resources and even if we are meeting up, I will also bring my mother there. Don't worry; my mother will be there with me. Are you still not at ease?”
  • Cindy was indeed at ease. Even without Aurora there, Cindy did not doubt Ian's character. However, she still felt uncomfortable that someone was interested in Ian. Thus, she thought for a while and answered, “Can I go with you too?”
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