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Chapter 1811 Unknown Number

  • However, it seemed like Aurora didn’t want to head out as she informed Cindy that she had something to eat at home and asked them to enjoy their lunch instead.
  • Aurora sounded as if she had just woken up since her voice was still hoarse.
  • Then, Cindy hesitated. “If you’re not that hungry, why don’t we pack some food home for you once we have finished our lunch?”
  • After contemplating for a moment, Aurora replied with a soft mumble, “Sure.”
  • Initially, Cindy wanted to ask Aurora what she was doing right now, but she knew that Aurora probably wouldn’t tell her the truth. Since they would be returning home after the meal, Cindy didn’t ask anything more.
  • She kept her phone away after hanging up on the call with Aurora. “Mrs. Morgan can’t make it as she’s tired and wants to rest at home. Let’s just take something away for her after we finish our meal.”
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