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Chapter 181 Coming After Her

  • John recalled when he saw Ian’s face through the lowered car window, and he had to admit that Ian was quite handsome, or at least he looked better than his younger half brother who was around his age, so it wouldn’t surprise him if Sophia fell for him.
  • However, it was almost a given that Sophia would suffer if she were to marry into the Morgan Family, as none of the Morgans would be easy to get along with. She might be able to live a more carefree life if she would let things slide like how she used to, but neither her nor the Morgans would be able to get some peace and quiet if she were to adopt her current feisty attitude.
  • He maintained the same position for a few moments before throwing the cigarette away, then turned to enter the house. He couldn’t help but try to listen in on what Sophia might be doing when he walked past her room while heading toward his.
  • Silence hung in the air before he realized he’d chosen a more soundproof material when renovating the house, so he wouldn’t be able to hear anything even if Sophia did make some noise in her room.
  • He thus waved his hand dismissively before returning to his room. The curtains were drawn as soon as he entered before he lay down on bed. While he wasn’t tired, he didn’t know what to do, so he allowed himself to toss and turn on the bed. The phone he left beside him rang as he did with a call from Zack, which he picked up.
  • The report Zack gave was about his company having contacted the hotel in Tri Asel to access the surveillance records outside of John’s room that the hotel possessed, as well as their check-in details, which would suffice in dealing with the scandal.
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