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Chapter 1791 Speculation

  • Still, some people highlighted the issue of inheritance. Even though Bryce wasn’t a good person, he was still adept at earning money. He did have a considerable amount of property in his hands.
  • This property would definitely spark a war between his children. After all, they were born to different mothers, so they would want the best for themselves.
  • Many people guessed that Leah and her children would get more of the property. Other factors aside, the three had already won in terms of number.
  • Also, Leah had stayed by Bryce’s side in his old age, so even if Leah was involved in some scandal, Bryce was already in hospital at that time, so he might not have enough energy to rewrite his will. So, most people were quite sure that Leah would win in every aspect.
  • Many people admired her. She had a lowly background, but thanks to her good eye, she clung to a money tree and managed to transform her life after waiting for the guy to die. She truly spent years of patience and endurance to make this gigantic leap across the class.
  • There were all sorts of comments about Leah, some in admiration and some others in disdain. Some were indifferent, but most of them weren’t really too concerned.
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