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Chapter 1789 New Directions

  • After hearing about the condition at the funeral, Cindy asked, “Should I be there? If so, I can go there right now.”
  • She feared that some media might take photos there. If they realized she wasn’t by Ian’s side, no matter how reasonable it was, someone might make nonsensical rumors out of it. Now that Ian had finally redeemed his reputation, Cindy didn’t want those unethical journalists to ruin it again.
  • “It’s okay. Just stay at home,” Ian stated. “There are too many people here. I did see some media people, but I don’t think they’re targeting me; their target is the old man.”
  • This was Bryce’s funeral, after all. Most of them just wanted to see how grand the funeral was, and some were just waiting for something to happen between the Morgans at the funeral.
  • The media always loved some hot news and scoops, and they might even want to see a fight break out at Bryce’s funeral so that they could talk about it.
  • If Cindy came over, Ian wasn’t sure that he would have time to look after her. She understood as well, so she nodded. “Take care and don’t forget to eat. The Morgans are great in number, so you don’t have to be present all the time. If you really can’t take it anymore, just find a place to rest.”
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