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Chapter 1780 More Visitors

  • Ian understood what Cindy meant, and he nodded in agreement. After they had their breakfast, Ian brought Cindy and Aurora to the hospital once more. By the time they arrived, Sean had already left for the office, and the only person in the ward was one of the nurses. The nurse recognized Ian, and she hastily greeted them when they arrived.
  • Ian took a glance at Bryce in the bed, only to see that he still looked the same as he did the day before. There wasn’t much of a difference in Bryce’s condition judging by his external appearance. The nurse was the first to speak up. “Mr. Morgan’s condition is much more stable now. The doctor came to visit earlier, and he only mentioned to be more attentive toward any sudden changes.”
  • “Okay. I got it,” Ian uttered with a nod. Then, he led Cindy and Aurora over to sit on the couch. There wasn’t much that they could do while Bryce was unconscious, so they simply sat around and waited. The nurse would walk over to note down the numbers on the devices that stood beside Bryce’s bed. She was recording his vital signs.
  • Things got rather boring at the ward as they couldn’t do much. After a while, Ian decided to step out for a cigarette. However, he had barely left the ward when he spotted Simon outside. Simon no longer had the look of a rich man’s son—his hair was a total mess, and he seemed rather drained and weak. Simon’s footsteps halted when he saw Ian, but he eventually walked over to him. “How’s Dad? Is he okay?” Simon asked.
  • Ian didn’t have much of a desire to speak to Simon. Simon was the one person in the Morgan Family who had caused Ian the most trouble. Furthermore, Simon was the type of person who acted without thinking—he didn’t even bother to maintain appearances with Ian. Ultimately, Simon was a combination of a dumb and bad person.
  • When Ian halted his footsteps, Simon no longer continued walking toward the ward. Instead, Simon stopped a few feet in front of Ian. “Where’s Sean? Why isn’t he here?” Simon asked.
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