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Chapter 1772 The Truth

  • Leah was surprised that Aurora actually came to question her when things had gotten to this point. She chuckled, but part of it felt like a whistle. “Why didn’t you take my calls then? You could have asked me all the questions you wanted.”
  • Aurora frowned. “You called me before? When?”
  • Leah chuckled. “Stop acting. I called you a few times before, and you either never picked them up, or you ended them right away. If you really cared about your son, you would have picked up my calls and asked me back then.”
  • Aurora pursed her lips. Oh, I remember now. It wasn’t Ian’s fault, for he was doing it for her own good. She didn’t want to talk about the matter, so she just asked, “I’m just asking a question. If you don’t want to answer it, it’s fine.”
  • Leah thought about it for a moment and loosened her grip on the bars. She leaned against it, huffing and puffing, but she also answered, “If you’re asking me that, you have to be prepared for the answer. He’s your son, not mine. What do you expect from me? Treat him like a prince?”
  • Leah didn’t hide anything and told Aurora what she wanted to know. She said she never treated Ian well and had always yelled at him. Whenever Bryce wasn’t around, she’d get all sarcastic as well.
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