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Chapter 177 Took Advantage of Her Identity

  • “They seemed to be rather impudent.” A sigh escaped Sophia. She had a feeling that the Constances also disliked John, but they were smart enough to keep their thoughts to themselves instead of showing them.
  • On the flip side, things seemed worse with the Morgans, as they wouldn’t even pretend to get along with Ian. It was proof that they were less tolerant toward people, and it would affect their business in the long run.
  • Meanwhile, silence befell as Ian wore a smile on his face. It wasn’t long before the procedure was dealt with, which meant he would begin working by the next day. Ian stood as he planned to meet Mr. Zimmel, while Sophia was unsure if she should go with him, thus asked, “Should I wait here?”
  • “Sure, I’ll be right back.” Ian gave her a nod. The staff from HR came in and handed her a glass of water after he left, while Sean followed behind the staff.
  • “President Morgan, he’s out, if you’re here for Ian.” It wasn’t hard for Sophia to surmise his intentions as she held the glass between her palms.
  • Sean cut to the chase and didn’t seem to mind laying his cards out. “No, I’m here for you.”
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