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Chapter 1765 Ladies Love Gossip

  • Cindy paused for a moment and went to the balcony. She leaned against the guardrail and looked down, then she sneered. “Well, it looks like someone’s sticking around like glue.”
  • Ian and Aurora knew what she was getting at. Aurora quickly went to the balcony and leaned against the guardrail to look below. Sally was still standing right there, and it was pretty obvious, since there wasn’t anyone around. She turned around to Ian. “Hey, she’s still down there. Do you want to call Logan and ask his men to take her away?”
  • Ian laughed. No. Not for Sally. I don’t want to make a scene either. Ian leaned against the couch and crossed his legs. “If she wants to wait, then let her wait. I want to see how long she can keep this up.”
  • Sally was not the kind of person to beg. Even when she was caught and detained for a while, she had refused to change, so Ian thought she wouldn’t last long this time either. Honestly, money can really change someone for the worse, huh? Ian actually was impressed that Sally would fight against anything she didn’t like in the past. She used to be a hard-headed woman.
  • Cindy and Aurora were interested in the matter, and they observed Sally quietly, leaving everything else aside for the moment.
  • Lots of people had gone to the plaza or the park. Dusk was setting, and the street lamps were lighting up, but Sally was still waiting down there, as if she would not leave until Ian went down.
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