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Chapter 1764 Returning Home

  • Perhaps Leah and her family really thought Ian was a pushover, for he had nobody to support him. That was why they would insult him at first and begged him for his help when insults didn’t work. They were the epitome of human scum.
  • Cindy felt like she had to step in at this point. “Leave. He has nothing to say to you. You should know what you did to him. We’re already kind enough not to ask for recompense for all the damages you did, so don’t push your luck.”
  • Sally was starting to panic, and she even tried to beg once more. “Ian, are you really just going to stand by? We’ve been a family for a long time now, and my mom used to—”
  • Before she could finish, Cindy shoved her aside and held Ian’s arm. “Let’s go. She should not have brought the past up. Does she really think we won’t make it worse for them?”
  • Aurora was livid as well. “Young lady, if you keep harassing us, I’ll give a call to Bryce and tell him what you did. Let’s see if he’ll let Leah go then. He might even double down on her.”
  • Aurora had wanted to take a stroll after the meal, but the mood was ruined, and none of them wanted to keep it up anymore. They went back home, and Cindy was still feeling upset. She kicked her shoe away hard when she took it off, and her face looked tense. “How dare they? They tried to make a ruckus in the morning, and now they want us to help them? How shameless can they get?”
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