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Chapter 1761 A Call Comes

  • Logan asked Ian to take a look at the Internet, since Leah’s news had gone viral. Some guy had posted photos of her lying half-naked on the street. However, she was old and had lost her appeal, so the comments were really doubling down on the body shaming.
  • Ian refused to look. He didn’t care how great someone else’s body was; he just did not want to look at them. After all, he had a girlfriend to take care of his needs. “I see.” He grunted, then he continued, “I might have to leave soon, so let’s get together if we still can.” He would have to start working on a show after this. His schedule wasn’t packed, but it was still full, so he had no idea when he would have time to gather with his friends again.
  • Logan knew what he was getting at. Now that the furore was nearing its end, it was time for Ian to put work back on track. He proposed, “Okay. See you in two days at my place then. We’ll skip the club this time.”
  • “Sure,” Ian said, then he hung up without elaborating.
  • Still wanting Ian to see the photos, Logan decided to send a ton of them right after the call ended. They were all photos of Leah lying on the streets, tied up and half-naked.
  • Ian shook his head. God, what the heck is this? Leah would usually look dazzling, but that was only because of her clothes and accessories. Without those, she was nothing. Ian tossed the phone onto the couch and went to the kitchen.
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