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Chapter 1754 Phone Call

  • Leah should know Bryce better than anyone, given that she had lived with him for so many years. He would never yield to anyone. The only way to get anything from him was to please him. If Leah tried to go against him, Bryce would rather bring everything to ruin than give her anything.
  • Cindy still felt unwell after lunch, so she went back to the room and slept.
  • Ian was about to go back to the room after he cleared the table as well, but then his phone buzzed. He paused for a moment, but instead of taking his phone out, he went to the balcony. Once he was there, he took it out and, as expected, Sean was calling him. Well, someone’s in a bigger hurry than I am.
  • Sean probably had no one else he could talk to, especially when it came to the chaos of his household. He could not confide in anyone but Ian, after all.
  • Sean wasn’t actually living a much better life than Ian did. Leah and her children disliked him, and Bryce had built a wall between them. It was a miracle Sean actually managed to retain his sanity while living with a family he hated. Double the miracle because he managed to take over the company bit by bit.
  • Ian took the call, and the first thing he asked was, “So? I take it that the dust has settled on your side?”
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