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Chapter 175 They Put up a Great Facade

  • “The employee from Infinity Group agreed to an interview.” A smile tugged at the corner of Ian’s lips as he spoke. Miss Cox who worked under Infinity Group contacted the media last night, thus the media arranged for an interview with her early in the morning. It was said that a lot of journalists from within the city gathered over the night to attend the press conference. They sure worked their *ss off for news content.
  • Sophia quickly fumbled for her phone, in which news about John could be found with ease on the tabloids. The interview with Miss Cox was on the top of the search list, with a photo of her included. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, which showed just how haggard she was, but Sophia wondered if she was trying to earn the sympathy of the public.
  • The interview was short, as Miss Cox was reportedly too ill to carry on with it halfway through it. Sophia checked on what Miss Cox revealed, which told of how she had had a good chat with John when she received him. Meanwhile, Miss Cox also confirmed that she hadn’t seen Sophia, as John did not bring her along, which was the truth because Sophia did not join the reception.
  • It was revealed in the interview that Miss Cox had always admired John, and she also put him on a pedestal due to his family business. The interview took a turn to touch on the incident that went a little out of hand during the banquet after everybody was a little drunk.
  • Aside from that, she also announced that she wasn’t trying to persecute John, as her plans were to apologize to Sophia through the media for hurting her, which stirred a deep sense of regret.
  • In order to make up for it, she had already resigned from her position, as well as leaving the industry altogether. While she didn’t expect forgiveness from Sophia, she extended a heartfelt apology to Sophia nonetheless.
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