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Chapter 1740 Will We Be Like Them?

  • Cindy nodded beside them. “Actually, it’s really Old Mr. Morgan who requested you to go.”
  • Aurora looked slightly uncomfortable as she retracted her gaze. “I bet he shares the same thoughts. We both want to infuriate each other to our deaths.” With that, she let out a snort. “I’m not afraid, though. He can do whatever he wants since I can’t be hurt now.”
  • Ian took out his phone and showed Aurora the message that Bryce sent. “Look at it for yourself. Judging from his tone, I don’t think he’s planning to pick a fight with you.”
  • She took Ian’s phone and carefully read Bryce’s message to the point where she seriously read each word.
  • Bryce’s message did not reveal much, but from the content at surface level, he didn’t seem to have the urge to be extremely calculative. In fact, he desired to resolve the problem peacefully.
  • Aurora laughed out loud. “This old man is definitely nuts. When I’m there tomorrow, I’ll suggest that he see a neurologist.”
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