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Chapter 173 She Was Smiling That Day

  • Zack bid them goodbye after eating as it was getting late. While nobody sent him off, Sophia did tell him to take care on his way back when he stood, to which he replied with a hum before greeting John more formally. He then left them alone in the house.
  • After taking a few more bites out of his meal, John put his chopsticks down as he observed Sophia. She was sitting crossed-legged on the chair with her sleeves rolled up while grabbing onto the seafood with her bare hands without even putting on a disposable glove, and her mouth was oily from all the food she ate.
  • It was a sight which John could hardly bear to watch as he was a bit of a clean freak. Can’t she be more graceful and clean when she eats? Meanwhile, Sophia was enjoying her food so much that she missed out on his expression, but she did formulate a question as she ate. “By the way, what were you talking about with Miss Bailey back then?”
  • There was a pause in John’s movements when he realized she was referring to when he left her alone. He then replied, “We were talking about a possible collaboration, and I told her about the details that I thought needed to be amended in the documents she handed me today.”
  • There were no further reactions from Sophia as soon as she noticed that he wasn’t about to mention what happened in the past. Meanwhile, John could no longer bear to watch her eat, thus stood to excuse himself. “Carry on with your meal. I'll be upstairs.”
  • “Alright.” A nonchalant reply was given.
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