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Chapter 1712 That Person Cares for You

  • Cindy hadn’t fallen asleep just yet and she was merely resting in bed with her eyes shut. However, she couldn’t help herself and her brows were furrowed into a thin line.
  • Ian walked toward the bed and leaned forward to look at her. “Do you have a headache? Do you want me to massage your temples?”
  • Meanwhile, Cindy responded with a muffled voice, “That’s not necessary.”
  • Despite her refusal, he went ahead anyway and he reached out to massage her temples gently as he took a seat by the bed.
  • Cindy could clearly tell that he wasn’t adept at giving a massage and his techniques were quite awkward, but it was quite soothing indeed.
  • She had intended to show her integrity and fling his hand aside, but she ended up enjoying it so she considered it for a moment before suppressing herself.
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