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Chapter 1705 Find Our Own Way to Deal With It

  • Cindy's mood still hadn’t improved as she had just heard all of Leah's verbal abuse over the phone, which was really unpleasant to the ears. Although it was Ian who had the upper hand in the end during the final confrontation, she was still heartbroken over him when she thought of Leah saying those words.
  • He now had the ability to stand up to Leah, but Cindy did not dare to imagine how he had been bullied by that family when he was still a minor.
  • Then, Ian gently wrapped his hand around Cindy's shoulders while saying, "Okay, let’s eat."
  • Aurora didn’t know anything, so she echoed at the side, "Right. Hurry up and eat. I want to return to sleep after eating. I’m bone tired."
  • The three of them sat down, but the atmosphere wasn’t perfect as Cindy was still rather unhappy. After a moment, Aurora could no longer stand it and turned to look at Cindy. "Cindy, if he has really bullied you, you can tell me. If it’s not appropriate for you to return the blow, I’ll do it for you."
  • Cindy shook her head and knew that she had been behaving inappropriately. So, she responded, "No, it’s nothing. I’m just angry when I think of those things that they said online."
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