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Chapter 1700 False Allegations

  • Although Ian and Cindy had been in such close proximity before, it felt different this time.
  • He was thoughtful for a moment before he nudged closer toward her. She must have been exhausted, for she didn’t notice his movement at all.
  • Now that their distance was reduced, their breaths intermingled.
  • In all honesty, he wasn’t sure why he was drawn closer to her in the first place. On one hand, he was more than aware of his developing romantic feelings for her whereas on the other, he reckoned it was all due to the time they spent with each other.
  • Man was nothing if not sentimental and having spent most of his days with her, he didn’t think it was surprising for him to fall for her, even in the slightest.
  • He readily dissected his newfound affection for her instead of denying it, but he couldn’t promise that it would last forever. There was no telling whether his romantic interest in her would fade in the event that they went their separate ways.
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