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Chapter 1699 Bedfellows

  • Ian shrugged off his coat and proceeded to rummage through his closet for loungewear. “He didn’t seem particularly angry. I think he isn’t as uptight as he used to be.”
  • “Ah...” Aurora paused before she muttered, “That means he’s changed a lot. I can’t imagine how he’d tolerate this whole media thing back in the day; knowing him, he would have blown the entire house in a fit of rage.”
  • He chuckled and walked out of the room after changing into a fresh set of clothes. “Give the guy some credit. The decades have really smoothen out some of his rough edges.”
  • “Talk about a miracle,” she grumbled with a scoff.
  • Meanwhile, Cindy was letting out a yawn as she leaned into the couch. She wasn’t particularly exhausted, but the events of the day were catching up with her, and if she were to lay down now, she would be in dreamland in no time.
  • At the sight of this, Ian stepped out of his bedroom and commented, “Why don’t you go in and take a nap? I’ll be out here watching television for a bit.”
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