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Chapter 1697 Birds of a Kind

  • Logan drew in a sharp breath and warned, “Watch it, young lady.” He traded cards and went on to say, “You don’t even know what you’re saying. I’m just holding back my trump card here. Just you wait, I’ll show my hand and have you all bawling in no time!”
  • Cindy shrugged. She more than understood that talking big was his way of coping with imminent defeat.
  • After two more rounds, the odds were outright against his favor and even Lola laughed at his sore fate. “I ought to get this down on camera and treat it like a good sitcom every once in a while.”
  • Logan made a face. “You’re heartless, that’s what you are. I was only letting you win; I didn’t bother trading cards even though I could have.” He was telling the truth, for he had in fact held back during the past few rounds.
  • However, Lola was less than grateful. “Kinship won’t help your odds in gambling. You should know that better than anyone else.”
  • He incredulously gaped at her with wide eyes. “Oh, well then, guess I won’t have to show you any mercy after this! Don’t blame me for being ruthless!”
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