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Chapter 1695 Card Sharks

  • As Logan talked about bringing Lola to the clubhouse, he rose from his seat and rushed out the door. Along the way, he added, “I don’t trust anyone else to drop her off here. I’ll have to drive her myself.” It was obvious that he was a man who worshiped the ground his wife walked on, judging from how similar his behavior was to John’s the other day.
  • When the door closed behind him, Ian and Cindy were once again left on their own.
  • She dipped her head to take a few more bites of food, but when she sensed Ian’s amused gaze lingering on her, she slammed her utensils down on the table. “Can’t you just eat your food or go play another round of that stupid game? Stop staring at me!”
  • Ian pressed his lips to keep himself from laughing. She’s getting sassier every day. He remembered a time when Cindy had been so easily intimidated that one look from him was all it took to shut her up; back in those days, she would never have retaliated against him with such vigor.
  • Since when did all of that change? Look at her now, talking back to me.
  • He left the gaming machine and crossed over to the dining table, deliberately choosing a seat close to her without trying to irk her any further.
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