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Chapter 1693 The Fallacy of Elitism

  • “Okay,” Ian acceded before hanging up the phone.
  • Not long after, Cindy and Logan made their way downstairs.
  • Ian’s gaze lingered briefly on Cindy, and he noticed that she and Logan had the same pensive look on their faces, albeit subtle.
  • He cocked a brow and waited until Cindy reached the sofa. “What’s wrong? What did you guys talk about while you were upstairs?”
  • Cindy dusted off her clothes. “Nothing. He was just showing me his projection device and the 3D figures in the room, that’s all.”
  • Her unforeseen answer put a frown on his face, as for some reason, he sensed that she was hiding something. He glanced over at Logan, who nodded a little too earnestly as he interjected, “That’s right. I was just giving her a tour and showing her all that projection stuff. I mean, you’d probably scoff at them, but she’s never seen them before, so we took our time.”
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