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Chapter 1681 A Morning Text

  • Soon enough, Aurora finished washing up and headed out after changing her clothes. Ian waited around in the living hall without turning the television on, but he scrolled through his phone on the couch.
  • Cindy tossed and turned in bed for a long while after he had left the room. She had the urge to punch herself—she was supposed to be afraid and alert when sharing the same bed with Ian, yet she had allowed herself to relax to a point where she rolled over and hugged him. I can’t believe Ian even found out about it! How am I supposed to face him from now on?
  • After lying in bed for a while longer, she decided that it was getting late. She got up to listen to the noises outside the room, but she realized that it was completely silent in the hall. Even the television wasn’t turned on. Did Ian and Aurora go out already? Finally, Cindy gathered the courage to open the door.
  • When she saw the person sitting in the hall, she jolted in surprise. Ian was sitting on the couch and in a spot directly facing his room. He raised his head to stare at her the moment she opened the door. Both of them exchanged glances, but she couldn’t register his reaction as she was too shocked. All she knew was that she had shuddered for a moment before an awkward look spread across her face.
  • “You’re awake,” he stated with a smile.
  • “Mhmm.” Cindy quickly looked around the living room. “Where’s Aurora? Is she still asleep?” Cindy thought that she had heard Aurora’s voice when she was in the room earlier.
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