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Chapter 1679 Losing Control

  • If Ian were being honest, he had no idea how to act in front of Cindy. He simply didn’t wish for him or Cindy to sleep on the ground, nor did he want either of them to sleep on the couch outside. That left them with one solution.
  • Cindy was genuinely exhausted from playing badminton earlier. Although it wasn’t an intense sport, she had never lived an active lifestyle, so she was worn out by the end of the day. After some hesitation, she finally went over to sit on the other end of the bed with her head hung low. As she listened to the sound of Ian’s game coming from his phone, she felt a little more at ease.
  • When Cindy took her phone and checked her notifications, she didn’t see any messages from Peter. I don’t think he’ll ever ask me to play badminton with him again. That’s good. I’ve always been bad at socializing with people, so I’d get frustrated if I had to spend more time with those people. Moreover, that girl will feel troubled if I’m around all the time. I don’t think there’s a need for that.
  • After that, Cindy scrolled through some of the latest celebrity gossip on the news site. There were only a few people who were still bringing up Ian’s news, and most of them were Internet trolls who repeatedly dug up past scandals and rumors that were related to Ian. Not many people were paying much attention to Ian’s news, so Cindy was relieved. Soon, she could no longer keep her eyes open, so she lay down in bed and pulled the sheets over her. She faced her back against Ian as she shut her eyes and tried to sleep.
  • There were two separate blankets on the bed, and Cindy figured that Ian had prepared the second one for her. She drifted off to sleep almost immediately after her head hit the pillow, but she couldn’t seem to go into a deep sleep. Every now and then, she would wake up for a short while, and she immediately noticed when Ian stopped gaming on his phone.
  • Although she was awake, she kept her body still and her eyes shut. Ian had decided not to play another game, so he turned his phone off and lay down with the other blanket over his body. He turned the lights off, and darkness filled the space between them. Both of them slept with their backs facing each other, and neither of them made any noise at all.
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