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Chapter 1673 Getting Competitive

  • There was no need for them to tell an acquaintance that they were a couple. Peter nodded as he relaxed, then glanced at Ian. “Do you want to play with us?”
  • Ian hadn’t intended to participate in their games, but he felt the sudden urge to do so after hearing Peter’s question. “Can I borrow your racket?” he asked as he turned to look at Cindy.
  • Cindy had no reason to reject Ian, so she handed the racket to him. He took it and waved it around a few times. This grip feels really good. I’m sure this racket isn’t cheap, Ian thought. Without any proper warm-up, Ian served the shuttlecock and played with Peter for a few minutes just to get used to this racket.
  • Cindy stood by the side and watched both the men play. However, she sensed a figure approaching her after a short while. The person spoke up before Cindy had a chance to turn around. “I’m surprised. You’ve got some skills.”
  • When Cindy turned around, she wasn’t surprised to find the girl who had thrown her bottle away earlier. Although Cindy was a good-tempered person, it didn’t mean that she didn’t have a temper. When she heard what the girl said, she immediately let out an icy scoff. “Well, should I pick one for myself now? I think Peter’s pretty good-looking. What do you think?”
  • The girl’s expression stiffened. “You made things really clear with your actions—even I could tell that you’re interested in him. Do you think he isn’t aware of your feelings?” Cindy asked.
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