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Chapter 1664 Should I Visit Him?

  • Ian had wrapped his arm around Cindy’s waist. In a daze, he had even caressed her forehead with his chin. She couldn’t explain what she felt at that moment, but she knew that she didn’t hate it. She was simply a little afraid since it was unfamiliar territory to her.
  • Soon enough, Aurora hurried out of the kitchen. When Cindy heard Aurora’s voice, she hastily tidied her hair before walking out of the washroom. Aurora had no idea what happened between Cindy and Ian, so her speech and expression remained natural when she saw Cindy. “You’re awake! Do you have a headache? Do you need me to prepare some tea for you to freshen up?”
  • To Cindy’s surprise, she didn’t get a hangover at all. John had prepared high-quality red wine that wouldn’t cause any side effects even if one had a little too much to drink. Cindy felt rather sleepy and drowsy, but she was fine apart from that. “There’s no need for that. I had a good rest. What about you? You look like you had a lot to drink last night. Did you get a hangover today?” Cindy kept glancing at Ian subtly as she responded to Aurora.
  • Ian was sitting upright, and his gaze was fixed on the television. He looked as if he was immersed in whatever he was watching. “I’m just a little sleepy. I had too much fun last night, and I might have gone overboard with the drinks,” Aurora uttered with a laugh. She didn’t have a hangover either.
  • After giving Aurora a nod, Cindy headed over to the dining table. Aurora took two steps in the same direction before she turned around to stare at Ian. “Why are you still sitting over there? Don’t you want to eat?”
  • Ian wasn’t his usual self as his responses were delayed today. “Yeah! Yeah, of course,” he answered after a long pause.
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