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Chapter 1660 Dinner Begins

  • Old Mrs. Constance came downstairs a while later. She didn’t feel too great for the last couple of days, so she mostly stayed upstairs.
  • When she came down, Cindy greeted her like everyone did.
  • Old Mrs. Constance looked like a kind old woman. She stared at Ian and Cindy, then she nodded. “This must be Ian’s girlfriend. They’re a lovely couple.”
  • That only made Cindy even more uneasy. Now that she had met Ian’s friends, it’d be bad for him if they broke up in the future.
  • Old Mrs. Constance could mingle with them all. She had heard about Aurora’s past, so when she sat down to talk, she brought up Aurora’s old career and even hummed some of her songs.
  • Aurora was obviously delighted. “Nobody remembers those now.”
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