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Chapter 1658 Another Invitation

  • Ian nodded. “Yes, yes, I’m sorry. And I apologize for my mistakes, okay?”
  • Cindy wasn’t sure if it was a joke or a serious apology for his earlier actions, but since they had gotten to this point, all she could do was say, “Fine. I’ll let this slide, but if you do it next time, you’ll be sleeping on the couch.”
  • Ian nodded with a smile. “Got it.”
  • Sophia felt relieved seeing their interaction. She had a sharper intuition since she was a woman. Even though Ian and Cindy didn’t talk much, Sophia could see that they were more than just friends. Logan told her they weren’t dating yet, but Sophia thought it was just a matter of time.
  • Since she couldn’t motivate Ian, she showed the baby to Cindy. “Do you think he’s cute?”
  • Cindy didn’t really like children, nor did she come into contact with them a lot. It was impossible for her to awaken her love for children suddenly. She thought Sophia’s baby looked soft, but that was all. “Yeah. He’s soft and bubbly.” She nodded.
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