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Chapter 1639 Sophia Calls

  • He’d be perfect if he would keep his mouth shut forever. Ian was sound asleep and didn’t realize Cindy was standing beside him. She thought about it for a moment before going back to the room and taking a blanket to cover him up.
  • He stirred when she covered him up, but all he did was roll over to make himself more comfortable.
  • Cindy stopped moving and silenced her breathing. After Ian stopped moving, she let the blanket go and slowly stood up. But the moment she did, she saw Aurora standing at the doorway of her room, looking at her teasingly.
  • Cindy noticed that gaze, of course, and she felt nervous. But then she thought about it and realized she didn’t do anything embarrassing. She scratched her head and quickly walked toward Aurora. “He looked like he was cold, so I covered him up.”
  • Aurora smiled. “And why are you explaining? I didn’t say anything.”
  • That only made things more awkward for Cindy.
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