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Chapter 1634 Romance in the Cinema

  • Cindy did not usually keep herself informed on the latest movie releases, so she was not quite sure what the movie was about. Hence, she just nodded. "Sure."
  • Anyway, she and Ian were not picky about what to watch. Soon, the three people sat in the screening hall of the cinema, waiting for the lights to go out. Next, the big screen began to play the prologue of the movie, and at this moment, Cindy vaguely felt that they had made a mistake and should not have come to see this movie.
  • Although there were not many people inside the screening hall, all of them were couples. For example, there was a young couple sitting in the row in front of them, and they were entangled with each other once the lights were off. Although the light bouncing off the big screen was not too bright, the two people's romantic movements were still clearly reflected, and she only had to glance to know that the two people were kissing.
  • Feeling a little embarrassed, she continued to stare at the big screen. They had bought three seats in a row, and originally she had wanted to let Aurora sit in the middle, but the older woman insisted for her to sit in the middle. Hence, to her left sat Ian. She knew that he had also seen the couple in front kissing, so she felt even more embarrassed. However, Ian did not move a muscle, so she did not know what kind of expression he had on his face. She thought that most likely he looked the same as her and was also forced to pretend to be calm.
  • Behind them sat another pair of lovers, and the movie had just begun less than a minute ago when those two people began whispering sweet nothings to each other. Since there was no one else around, their voices seemed extremely clear, and Cindy could hear everything. She licked her lips, trying to continue playing dumb as if she had heard nothing. After five or six minutes, the couple behind them also began to get entangled with each other, apparent from their audible kisses.
  • At this point, Cindy was sitting upright, and for some reason, she felt guilty. Even though the ones behaving inappropriately in public were those behind her, she somehow felt secondhand guilt.
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