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Chapter 1628 Here Too Early

  • Ian even thought about taking Cindy home and cooking for her.
  • In the end, he still settled on going to a restaurant as he didn’t know how to cook after all. He shouldn’t expect her to be cooking right after her arrival.
  • After considering the mess of ideas, he finally took action and forwarded the picture to his own phone. Then, he placed Aurora’s phone on the kitchen counter.
  • He walked over to the couch and sat down before he looked at the screenshot on his own phone. She didn’t even think of informing me! If Mom hadn’t asked her, would she have called me only after she arrived?
  • Ian never thought that Cindy would be so stubborn; she was always a gentle and amicable person to him. It merely made him realize that he had the wrong idea of her from the very start.
  • Then, he navigated to Facebook and checked her page where there were no new posts recently.
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