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Chapter 1627 Pending Arrival

  • Ian was still reading the news about him on the Internet. As there weren’t any new scoops for the time being, it was all rehashed material.
  • Sometimes, whenever the news was rehashed for the first time, people wouldn’t like it, but they couldn’t stop reading about it now that it had been going on for a while.
  • Hence, there were quite a number of people who supported him in the comments.
  • He read the comments in passing and felt that it was rather boring. Those netizens were so hateful in their insults that no one really knew what they were like in reality.
  • Aurora had some spare time in between preparing breakfast, so she turned and looked toward the couch while asking, “You don’t look too well. Did you get a good rest last night?”
  • The dark circles under Ian’s eyes were too obvious to ignore.
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