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Chapter 1625 The Phone Call

  • Aurora could tell just by looking at Ian that he was struggling to figure things out on his end, but she did not ask him for details. After all, he could only be thinking about all the gossip flying around in cyberspace or his recent tiff with Cindy. Seeing as she could not help him with either of these, Aurora would rather keep her nose out of his business.
  • She spun around and left for the kitchen so she could get started on their dinner.
  • When he saw that she had left, he got up and closed the door. Then, upon returning to bed, he leaned against the headboard and grabbed his phone.
  • He scrolled through his phone log and stopped to fix his eyes on Cindy’s number, his thumb hovering hesitantly above it.
  • Hannah had said that she would put the news out in the next two days and she wanted Ian and Cindy to be ready for it.
  • Of course the one thing I was worried about would happen, he thought witheringly. He was petrified that Hannah would randomly ask him to put on a lovey-dovey act with Cindy and his worries came true before he knew it.
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