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Chapter 1620 Curious Neighbors

  • Ian walked across the lobby, which was empty save for the receptionist manning the front desk.
  • The receptionist noticed his approaching figure and she had only just greeted him when she stopped short as she took in his features. A look of recognition flashed in her eyes, and it was clear that she knew who he was.
  • However, he was unfazed as he said, “I’m here to see Sean; I’ve called him in advance.”
  • Whether or not he had called Sean in advance was actually irrelevant, seeing as the receptionist wouldn’t have stopped him anyway. True enough, she responded hastily from behind the desk, “Alright. You may come in.”
  • Ian easily made his way up the stairs and headed for Sean’s office. The door was open, but Ian knocked twice as a matter of courtesy.
  • Sean was going through documents when he heard the knocks and looked up. Perhaps it had been quite some time since the men last saw each other, but Sean thought Ian was dressed differently now than he usually would in the past. He appraised Ian with narrowed eyes and pointed out a couple of seconds later, “Looks like being a celebrity has changed you. You look and carry yourself like a whole different person.”
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