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Chapter 1616 A Little Chat

  • She looked at Ian quietly, a message hidden in her gaze.
  • Ian pursed his lips and asked hesitantly, “What else did you guys talk about?” He wanted to ask if they talked about him, and what they were talking about if they did. He wanted to know if they mentioned the call he made to Cindy the night before.
  • At the same time, Cindy had nothing to do at home. She kept changing the TV channels, but she couldn’t stand any of the shows. Also, she kept picking her phone up and putting it down, as if waiting for someone to text her.
  • Her mother was out, presumably for a poker session. Cindy didn’t like her mother’s obsession with poker, but she couldn’t tell her off since she didn’t have a good relationship with her mother. Her mother might ignore everyone else’s comments, but if it came from Cindy, it might spark another argument. However, the upside about her mother’s hobby was that at least it gave Cindy some much-needed peace and quiet.
  • She was on the sofa, hugging her legs. The TV was on, but her world was silent. A few questions lingered in her mind, such as the reason why Ian called her last night. Even if he was drunk, he shouldn’t have called her by all accounts. And what was he trying to say? She thought about that for the whole morning.
  • That morning, she even called Aurora and talked about a lot of stuff. She wanted to talk about Ian, but she was worried it might look too obvious. Because of that, she didn’t get to talk about the thing she wanted to know the most. That frustrated her, and it made her jumpy.
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