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Chapter 1615 Gossip

  • They didn’t know anything about Ian and Cindy’s relationship, so they wanted to know every little detail.
  • Aurora didn’t know much either. She might be close to Ian, but she never stayed under the same roof with him, so she didn’t know how Ian and Cindy got along. Besides, their relationship wasn’t going too well as of current, so Aurora didn’t want to talk about it, or she might expose something she didn’t want to. In the end, she told them only about the trivial details, like how Cindy took care of Ian when he was shooting, or how she was a good cook.
  • Logan didn’t think too much about it, so he nodded. “She’s obviously a nice lady. Of course, Ian would fall for her.”
  • Lola didn’t say anything. Logan didn’t notice it, but she knew Aurora was keeping some secrets about her son’s relationship. There were two possibilities for that: one, Aurora didn’t know much herself, and two, Ian and Cindy’s relationship was in a rocky phase. If the second one was true, of course Aurora wouldn’t talk about all the sweet details.
  • Aurora changed the topic after that, and Lola played along with her.
  • She asked Logan about Ian’s past since he was the only one who knew more about her son among his group of friends.
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