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Chapter 1614 Relationship Questions

  • He’s not talking. Probably asleep. Cindy waited for a moment, then she said, “You’re such a jerk, Ian.” Not like he can hear it anyway. Cursing him made her feel better, and she hung up after that.
  • Total silence fell on her room after that, and she stared into the dark. Well now I can’t sleep. She didn’t know why Ian called her after he got drunk, and she didn’t know why he talked so much nonsense. Cindy thought they’d only talk again when she went back to hand over her job to the next assistant.
  • She turned around, pulled her blanket up, and covered her head. Cindy was confused. Really, she was.
  • Ian woke up dazed the next day. He lost his memory halfway through last night and didn’t know where he was. The first thing he did was push himself up and look around the room.
  • One look and he knew he was at Logan’s club. He came here countless times, so he knew the rooms’ layout. Ian didn’t get out of bed immediately though. His head was buzzing, and he knew he was hungover.
  • A while later, he took his phone. He wanted to take a look at the time, but the moment he unlocked it, he was greeted by his call history. And the first record was a half-hour call he had with Cindy. Shocked by what he saw, Ian sobered up immediately and stared at his phone. A moment later, he realized he made the call late at night last night.
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