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Chapter 1610 Same Side

  • Logan wrapped his arm around Ian’s shoulder. “There’s no need to thank us. We’re all friends; it’s our job to take care of one another.”
  • There were fruits and drinks prepared in the room, and Logan got Ian and Aurora to sit down and get some rest. There was food being prepared in another room, and they would get to have a meal in a while. However, Aurora and Ian didn’t have much appetite after traveling for such long hours.
  • Ian sat on the couch. He gazed at John for a moment, but neither of them spoke to one another. Sophia only needed to take one look at John before she could tell that he was being difficult again. He’s always like that, Sophia thought. He’s always making things hard for himself. Both Ian and I have moved on from the past; He’s the only one who’s still caught up in what happened between Ian and me.
  • Sophia shifted her gaze to look at Ian. She asked him about the internet controversy and whether he was impacted by it. Ian seemed rather relaxed as he responded to her. “It’s no big deal. I don’t really care about this. My company told me that they’ll handle it, so I’m leaving it to them.”
  • Aurora let out a sigh from where she sat beside them. “I’m the main contributor to this whole controversy. I should be blamed since I was the one who started it.” Aurora often blamed herself for this matter, and Ian was starting to get frustrated over her self-critical comments. He couldn’t seem to get her to move past this matter no matter how much he attempted to talk to her.
  • “I guess there is some good in this. The public might be more inquisitive toward these matters if they continued to remain hidden. Now that all of the information is out there, at least you guys know that there won’t be other hidden dangers once this whole controversy is over,” John uttered.
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