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Chapter 161 Shedding All Pretense

  • Isabelle came prepared with some documents about the details of the collaboration and proclamation of rights concerning the Baileys when it came to the contract. John came over and sat down beside Sophia, turning into his usual self while working. Taking up the documents, he read all the clauses. Such a collaboration was rather simple, and the Baileys didn’t demand anything over the top, so he merely picked out a few clauses and proposed his opinion.
  • Sophia didn’t understand a single word since she knew nothing about business. Even the business terms John and Isabelle used went over her head. Thus, she sat at the side with John’s glass still in her hand. As she watched them getting engrossed in their discussion, she chuckled soundlessly. Well, this is the difference. No wonder Mrs. Constance groused every day that I’m not Isabelle’s match and I’m of no help to John. When we sit together and open our mouths, our true capabilities shine through. I’m merely glib, while she’s truly capable. This realization had her feeling chagrined.
  • Taking a gulp of water, she then brought the glass to John’s lips. “Have some water.” John’s brows furrowed slightly, and he turned to look at her. She doesn’t look as though she’s trying to stir up trouble. Her expression’s placid. Perhaps it’s just a subconscious action, nothing more. He pursed his lips. After a while, he placed his lips on the rim of the glass and took a small, token sip.
  • Sophia pulled the glass back, suddenly finding it ridiculous. Who am I trying to upset here? Why does it feel as though I’m the unhappiest person at the end of the day? She then placed the glass onto the table. Upon seeing that John and Isabelle were immersed in the discussion, she slowly got to her feet and went over to John’s desk.
  • After searching on his computer, she found the news reports about John. There had been a countermeasure from Infinity Group in the way of a leaked video. It was a snippet of when John attended Infinity Group’s bullsh*t party. There were quite a lot of people in the video, seemingly Infinity Group’s higher management personnel or the like. Meanwhile, Zack stood beside John. So, they’re implying that I actually didn’t attend the party that night.
  • Hmm… The corners of her mouth lifted. This isn’t a wise move. This snippet proves the existence of CCTV surveillance that night, and Infinity Group will be on the losing end once the public calls for the entire footage of the event. She didn’t bother to read the comments underneath. They probably paid people off to write some favorable comments, but it won’t help to resolve the problem when the issue gains traction and becomes a practical joke instead.
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