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Chapter 1593 Sincere Blessing

  • Logan was immediately piqued. “Do you know who did this? If you find it difficult to deal with them, I can help you to take care of them. I don’t mind the trouble. I’m not in the entertainment industry and already have a bad reputation to begin with anyway, so I’m not afraid of anything.”
  • Somehow, his words made Ian feel better. “You don’t have to do anything. Just spend your time with your wife. My agency should be able to take care of such a menial mess.”
  • “If they can take care of it, why is the mess still there even after a few days have passed?” Logan asked, sounding a little disgruntled. “Is your agency even capable of handling such matters? It seems like they’re quite slow to react to a situation.”
  • Stumped, Ian had to agree that his agency was slow in their crisis management. Or maybe it was because they hadn’t found a particularly convincing reason to explain this situation.
  • There were so many discussions ongoing on the internet that if no conclusive evidence was presented from the beginning, it was very likely that people wouldn’t believe any other thing that was said after that. As Ian didn’t want to continue discussing this matter, he shifted the topic. “How’s Lola doing?”
  • At the mention of Lola, Logan became so delighted that Ian could hear the change in his tone of voice. “Her belly is beginning to grow bigger, and it’s not so convenient for her to move around, but her negative reactions toward pregnancy are gone. She’s eating and drinking well. Also, she’s much more cheerful, laughing every day. You have no idea how much better my days are when she’s in high spirits,” he said and chuckled loudly.
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