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Chapter 1590 Too Aggressive

  • Since Aurora was unable to find out anything from Cindy as well, she could only sigh in disappointment. Usually, both of them are very chatty, and now they’re equally stubborn. Neither of them is making things easy for me, Aurora thought.
  • As Cindy hadn’t had breakfast, hunger hit her suddenly after sitting down for a while. Turning to Aurora, she asked, “Have you eaten anything yet?”
  • Aurora hadn’t eaten as well. This morning, she went to Ian’s place with the thought to share breakfast with him. In the end, she ran into this worrying situation and had been busy until now.
  • In reply, she shook her head and said, “Have you eaten? Let’s eat together. Just like what you’ve said before, no matter how upsetting a situation is, we still have to eat.”
  • That’s right, Cindy thought. I did tell her and Ian something like this before, but I forgot all about it when it came to myself.
  • Hence, they went to the restaurant downstairs, and with someone as company, Cindy thought she could still eat a little even though she didn’t have much appetite.
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