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Chapter 1583 Sudden Kiss

  • At last, Ian simply decided to change his clothes and leave the house to hang around the entrance of the residential area. He wanted to see just how long Cindy and Gary would stay outside together. In the end, he ended up waiting for a long while.
  • Ian hadn’t expected for a man and woman to take such a long time to eat dinner. He couldn’t rein himself in. When he reached home, he trashed the place. At first, Ian thought that he and Cindy would get along again after giving each other the cold shoulder for a bit. This time, however, he hadn’t expected her to be so bullheaded. While Ian was taken aback, he naturally assumed that Gary was the reason behind Cindy’s actions today. If Gary hadn’t given her that courage, she wouldn’t be acting like this.
  • Ian pressed down hard with his hand, forcing Cindy’s leg back down. As he did so, he pressed himself against her. With the door pressing against her back, Cindy had no place to hide. All she could do was beat at Ian’s chest and whimper.
  • Ian no longer had any reason or control to speak of. He lowered his voice, a warning underlying it. “You want to look for Gary? Keep dreaming.”
  • Right now, everyone out there thought that Cindy was his girlfriend. She clearly was trying to openly cuckold Ian when she wanted to go to Gary at such a late hour.
  • With that, Ian gradually leaned over, pinning Cindy against the door with his body. Their breaths slowly intermingled with each other, making Cindy widen her eyes in fright. She shoved Ian with all her might. For some reason, she suddenly felt scared.
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