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Chapter 1582 An Escalating Fight

  • Ian pulled over the luggage that Cindy had parked by the door with a strong yank and tossed it into the living room. He then stepped forward, and with his hands gripping her shoulders tightly, he lifted her up. “You’re going to see Gary, aren’t you?”
  • Cindy was in pain from Ian’s grip. So, her tone was less than polite. “Are you nuts? Why do you care whether I’m about to look for him or not? Let me go.”
  • Not only did Ian maintain his grip on her, but he ended up tightening his grip and digging into her shoulders. “How long have you two known each other again? For you two to be this close?”
  • Cindy couldn’t exactly keep her temper down as she raised her hands to beat at Ian’s arms. “You better release me. Who cares how long I’ve known him and how my relationship with him is? It has nothing to do with you. We don’t have to wait until tomorrow for my employment arrangement to end; we can just end it right here, right now. You think I’m not frustrated living under the same roof as you? I wasn’t just frustrated living with you; I even got myself into so much trouble because of you. I had my name plastered online, and I had people gossip about me. I was going sick from all the gossiping. This is a perfect chance for me. Once I leave you, I can regain some peace.”
  • Cindy ended up spewing her thoughts out. With everything running through her mind, she couldn’t quite keep her mouth in check. After a quick sneer, she continued, “At first, I hadn’t thought of doing anything with Gary, but you just reminded me today that Gary is rich. And since I’m such a sucker for money, he’s the perfect choice for me. Besides, he doesn’t seem to be dating anyone now. Say, doesn’t that mean I have a chance, then?”
  • Ian pressed his lips together as he glared at Cindy.
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