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Chapter 1580 A Reminder

  • His expression had morphed back to one of calm after his initial shock.
  • Cindy did like Ian’s unfazed personality, but looking at how he was now was infuriating. She had spouted so much stuff at him, but here he was, looking like he didn’t care. It made her feel a little awkward.
  • She raised her voice a little. “Don’t give me that attitude. Speak if you’ve got something on your mind. Don’t make it look like I’m trying to pick a fight with you over nothing.”
  • At last, Ian let out a laugh. “You go first. Tell me what you have on your mind.”
  • Now that took Cindy by surprise.
  • She pressed her lips together, and after a few moments, she spoke. “You treated me badly when you had too much to drink last time. I want to know what triggered it. What did I do to make you angry?”
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