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Chapter 1578 Bag of Fruits

  • Cindy agreed to the point he made. “Yes, indeed. What’s the point of having big numbers in the account? There’s only this much you can spend in a day anyway.”
  • As the two conversed, the atmosphere felt rather pleasant, as if they had found a clone of themselves.
  • Soon, their orders arrived, and they switched to another topic. Gary briefly informed her the current state of her investment.
  • Cindy listened attentively to his elaboration. After her investing “class” with Gary, she could understand some of what he was talking about.
  • In fact, she had already prepared to invest in another project. Although she wasn’t exactly determined to resign, she thought it was best to have a backup plan.
  • If Gary’s investment was actually beneficial to her, perhaps she could entirely detach herself from being Ian’s assistant.
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