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Chapter 1575 A Dinner Plan

  • Aurora seemed remarkably more radiant than before, though she wasn’t exactly as lively.
  • “Mhm,” she mumbled with an obviously lethargic tone. “I must be getting old. Can’t even endure a night without sleep. When I was young, I could go two days without sleeping. Not only was I not feeling tired, but I was thrilled. Now, I just can’t anymore. I can’t.”
  • Cindy forced a smile and replied, “Can’t compare yourself now and then. I’d always pull an all-nighter to study back when I was in school, which I clearly can’t now. I’d have a migraine whenever I miss my sleep.”
  • As she was speaking, she tried her best not to face Ian. For reasons unknown, she would feel guilty if she were to look at him.
  • Whenever that particular idea flashed across her mind, she would instantly feel embarrassed to face him.
  • After all, it was a taboo for an assistant to fall for the celebrity they were serving. Hannah had even revealed that she bore no concern for Cindy as she would never fall for him.
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