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Chapter 1573 Games

  • After all, Ian was a man with true capabilities. If he was interested in investing, he would be enthusiastically welcomed by the industry. Perhaps that was why Gary perceived him differently.
  • With a subtle grin, Ian uttered, “You really think so? I thought that he treated you rather uniquely with how much care he ‘serviced’ you with.”
  • Despite being oblivious to the implications of his words, Cindy felt somewhat uneasy when she heard them. She anxiously licked her lips. “He must have felt compelled to do that after seeing that I’m a clueless beginner. Besides, I’m a customer, so I think he didn’t have much of a choice.”
  • Ian nodded his head and replied, “Whatever feeds your soul. It’s possible he’s just that kind man you think he is.”
  • Finished, he turned to Aurora and put a stop to the conversation. “Okay. You should go get some rest. We’re gonna be busy doing nothing for the next few days. How nice.”
  • He then turned around before Cindy could respond. After he left, she pouted her lips as she remained standing for some time. For some reason, her conversation with Ian earlier felt weird. It was a mixture of scorn and indifference. She couldn’t quite wrap her head around it. In fact, there were so many things lately that she couldn’t think it through. Yet, she couldn’t tell if she was complicating things.
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